Samantha Fox, Vice President of Media

ProMedia is proud to spotlight Samantha Fox our Vice President of Media this week.  “Sam” began working for ProMedia shortly after graduating from the University of Miami. She has steadily climbed the ranks at the company, holding every job in the Media department, from Media Coordinator to VP today.  “The desire to learn is so important,” she shared.  “I learned so much from Sharon Lior and Jonathan Peress, as well as the media buyers at ProMedia.”   Now, watching her team of coordinators, planners and buyers grow and succeed is one of her favorite parts of her role. “I really want to see our media team grow and expand, and I want to see my coworkers move up in the company, too,” she added. When asked if she has advice for those just starting out in the business, Fox didn’t hesitate to share her advice.  “You have to get organized! Find a method that works for you. Also, be inquisitive and ask questions if you have them. Never be afraid to ask something you don’t understand.”   As VP of Media, Sam oversees the entire media team including the planning, negotiation and execution of ProMedia’s entire media buying strategy.  She is an essential member of ProMedia.  President and CEO, Jonathan Peress says “Sam’s understanding of the key idiosyncrasies of this business and her extraordinary bandwidth as an operational executive brings remarkable value to the agency.”   Looking ahead, she hopes to continue to bolster ProMedia’s growing list of advertisers through the continual advancement of our process as well as help other members on her team continue to develop and advance internally.  Fox says she believes the future of Media is heading more towards OTT and streaming platforms and she continues to push the agency forward with innovative techniques and methodologies.  “ I love ProMedia,” she exclaimed.  “My favorite thing is the people.  I love the freedom management gives us, the trust they have in us, and my coworkers. We have an awesome group of people here. I really enjoy working with the networks and the relationships you make in the industry as well.” Her advice to companies who want to advertise but haven’t before?  “We are a nimble, tech-enabled agency and we provide unprecedented value within the industry.  We can do more than you think with very little,” she explains. “Give us a try!”