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Our imagination during the print design process is tied to our direct response approach from the get go. You tell us your goals, we will get you results. Work with us to:

  • Deliver your message loud and clear to target audiences.
  • Allow your message to have 24/7 utmost exposure.
  • Ensure that your ads are getting maximum ROI performance.
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Direct Response Advertising Services

Delivering your message loud and clear is what we do at ProMedia. Our imagination comes to play during the design process of crafting a direct response print advertising campaign, surpassing client expectations and achieving our goals. We go above and beyond in ensuring that the ads are seen by securing prime placement with test-driven solutions guaranteeing maximum reach. Utilizing outdoor marketing, such as static, digital or mobile billboards and even transit ads, allows us to give your company 24/7 brand awareness which further aids us in getting you utmost exposure. No idea is too large for us to handle as we welcome any challenge in satisfying your marketing needs.

ProMedia has successfully run many direct response advertising campaigns for clients in various industries. Direct response advertising campaigns can be one of the most cost-effective types of campaign for B2C companies.

We use cutting-edge analytics to run direct response advertising campaigns that are targeted accurately. Your ads will be personalized to each recipient. Our tech and experience also allow us to tweak live campaigns. This can help you see far greater returns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is direct response print advertising still effective?

Yes, because this form of advertising allows the customer to interact with a brand by connecting through various methods, including incentives and bonuses. One common incentive is rewards or reward programs. It's a highly effective way to gain more appeal and interest in your target audience. It's also an excellent method for building your brand's reputation and instilling trust in the public. 


How long should my print ad campaign be?

In most instances, the least amount of time should be one week. However, print campaigns have better results lasting three to four months. This allows your audience the opportunity to view your advertisements. Remember that only some people who view the media source see it daily or weekly. 


How will I measure results from a print advertising campaign?

There are several methods to determine the effectiveness and traction of a print advertisement campaign. You can monitor your total traffic by using analytics that detail the traffic source and its origin from the print campaign. There's also the ability to track various offer codes and tracking codes for your campaign. Closely monitor click-through rates, and don't forget to ask the customer about their experience. Much information and insight can be gathered combined through modern tools and traditional approaches. 


Can I use direct response advertising on my website?

Yes, you can use this approach to a lot of success. This technique improves click-through rates and overall engagement. Focus on the customer's experience and fulfilling needs and desires to get the ideal outcome. Place direct response ads where you want to generate more interest, such as popular web pages and platforms. 


What is the difference between direct response and traditional advertising?

The difference between direct response advertising and traditional advertising is the campaign's outcome. Direct response is designed to elicit a reaction and response immediately by creating conversions or sales, while traditional advertising focuses on brand visibility and awareness. 


Why is direct response advertising better than traditional advertising?

Traditional advertising is a more passive approach to conversion and customer responses. A direct response ad campaign generates revenue and creates conversion right away. You get better ROI with your direct response ad campaign and the added benefit of also improving your reputation, trust, and visibility. Added emphasis on a direct response marketing campaign provides immediate improvements in business growth and helps companies gain a better foothold in competitive industries.


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