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  • You get access to real-time results and reporting through dashboards on our proprietary platform.
  • All tests conclude with a performance review and guidance on next steps/campaign roll out!


Full TV Ads Media Buying Services

Media Buying

  • Cash Media
  • Pay Per Action Media
  • Performance Media
  • English/Spanish
  • Short Form
  • Long Form

Media Planning

  • Detailed Spend Research
  • Target Demo Research
  • Media Partner Selection
  • Historical Research

Media Analytics

  • Proprietary Attribution Models
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Custom Store Front
  • Up to the minute campaign metrics
  • Response Rate Studies
  • Attrition/Maturation Schedules
  • Integration with CRM
Planning for Television Advertising
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DRTV Advertising FAQ

What is television advertising?

Television advertising is the strategic airing of video commercials on TV. Direct response TV or DRTV for short, is a form of advertising that compels customers to directly respond to the business. DRTV advertising services catalyze customers into action through phone calls, online website visits and/or text messages.

Why should I invest in television advertising?

TV advertising, including DRTV advertising services, are effective in that they serve as a point of contact with consumers, ultimately compelling them to take action and/or learn more about the value proposition. TV advertising is now tailored to distinct audiences, meaning advertisements air during specific programs that members of a target audience are inclined to watch.

How much does it cost for TV ads?

TV ads on local stations geared toward those in a specific area code or zip code cost less than ads aired on national TV programs or even regional programming. A local TV ad has the potential to cost a couple thousand dollars for a one-time airing of a commercial lasting 15 seconds or less. DRTV advertising aired to the entirety of a nation has the potential to cost upwards of several hundred thousand dollars. However, the nuances of the advertiser’s unique commercial and goals ultimately determine the cost of the TV ads.

What is a DRTV Campaign?

DRTV campaigns are unique in that they successfully steer target audiences toward specific actions. DRTV campaigns are strategic advertising efforts in the form of 120-second, 60-second and 30-second commercials that educate the target audience about a value proposition, encouraging them to learn more and become paying customers. Some DRTV campaigns are extensive to the point that they include programming episodes that last 30 minutes in length, providing viewers with the information necessary to make an educated and informed buying decision.

How can television advertising be effective?

DRTV advertising services are that much more effective when tailored toward the target audience. Successful DRTV advertisers seize the opportunity to use informative advertising to establish a rapport and compel viewers toward meaningful action. Effective television advertising focuses on showing how a product or service solves a meaningful problem at work or in the home rather than telling consumers how the problem is solved. Businesses that succeed in showing how problems are solved with the product or service create an indelible impact that leads to conversions and also invaluable referrals to friends, family, colleagues and other prospects.

What type of return can I expect from tv ads?

The return on investment (ROI) for DRTV advertising services differs by the quality of the advertisement, the length of the advertisement, the target audience and several other nuanced factors. However, highly effective TV ads tailored to target buyer personas will likely have a higher ROI than a more generalized ad that airs during programs the target audience is unlikely to be interested in or one aired during off-peak hours when the target audience is unlikely to watch television.

How long does it take to make a TV Advert?

The creation of a TV advertisement typically takes three weeks or less. The airtime length of the TV ad primarily determines the amount of time necessary to create a polished presentation that converts prospects into paying customers. Furthermore, the technical components of the ad such as special effects along with filming location and even the number of actors used in the ad also shape the amount of time necessary to create the advertisement.

How much will my video cost?

DRTV advertising services differ in cost based on idiosyncratic variables as well as the goals of the advertiser. A business’s video assets and other factors shape the cost of the production. Everything from pre-testing to the length of the TV commercial spot to the filming location play a role in determining cost. It is possible for DRTV advertisements to amount to several hundred thousands of dollars. However, more cost-conscious businesses can air TV ads for significantly less money. If you are interested in DRTV advertising services, our Direct Response Advertising agency is ready and willing to help your business reach the highest possible ROI as quickly as possible through direct response advertising.


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