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We will get you down to the numbers as we monitor the results of your campaigns. The reports include granular and customizable response attribution to better assist ROI.

  • Access to a real-time 24/7 monitoring platform.
  • Project future reads of performance and ROI.
  • Completely customize the reporting to your needs.
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Direct Response Marketing – Analytics and Accountability

The mere creation of breathtaking content isn’t good enough for our direct response marketing campaigns. We emphasize the importance of monitoring results and keeping our clients updated on our ad’s performance with real time direct response marketing analytics. Through proprietary technology, we have the ability to generate completely flexible and customizable response attribution & media analytics. These direct response marketing metrics incorporate a comprehensive analysis of the overall and granular past, present, and projected future performance and ROI statistics. We have fully integrated our industry-wide accepted systems with renowned software from Google Analytics, DRMetrix, Nielson, and other programs. This has enabled us to create a 24/7 monitoring platform that gives our users complete tracking access to our direct response marketing campaigns.
Direct Response Marketing Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Response Marketing Analytics

What is the Goal of Direct Marketing?

The goal of direct marketing is to engage as many people with your brand as quickly as possible. This differs from traditional marketing, which generally aims to raise brand awareness. Direct response urges users to interact with your brand right now. 


What is direct response marketing analytics?

Direct response marketing analytics are used to measure the performance of a direct response campaign, and to optimize campaign performance both predictively and in real-time. Because direct response marketing is intended to create rapid campaign results, analytics and data-based actions are critical to achieving the best campaign performance.


How does direct response marketing analytics work?

The direct response approach calls for creating an irresistible offer, and achieving an outcome quickly. A direct response offer could be something free, such as a report or ebook; or it could be introductory sales offers for a product. Either way, the goals of your DR campaign should be clear, so they can be measured. Campaign performance is measured using analytics to determine where the campaign budget fits best based on audience and performance.


What are some common forms of direct response marketing?

There are many types of direct response advertising campaigns. Some commonly used forms are:Newsletters- a helpful, free resource you will provide for users who agree to provide their contact info.
Freebies- Free giveaways are a great way to get more people to to provide contact info for future marketing campaigns.
Discounts- Discounts often encourage users or customers to purchase a product or service immediately.
Resources- E-books, demos, and tutorials are another good way to encourage users to interact with your brand.


How much does direct marketing cost?

The cost of direct response marketing will vary based on offers and the availability of creative assets. Many companies spend a hefty sum to create their own assets and videos. Our clients receive the benefit of having a full service advertising agency to create assets including video, print work, scripting, and processing - and we take care of the media buying, placements, analytic tracking, and campaign optimization.


What is the difference between direct and indirect marketing?

Direct marketing is a technique in which you are directly encouraging users to buy or interact with  your brand. Indirect marketing is a technique in which you are simply attempting to build brand awareness. For instance, placing an ad anywhere with company info, is indirect marketing. You are simply letting people know your brand exists. You are not directly asking them to do anything yet. Direct marketing involves interacting with the potential user/customer and asking them directly to interact with the brand by accepting an offer.


How do I know If direct response marketing is right for my brand?

Direct response marketing is a technique that can work for any brand in any industry. This method works on both small and large scale marketing campaigns for any type of business or brand. If you’re goal is to attract users or customers for any reason, this method will work for you!


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