Bryan Russman Creative Director

This week’s highlight is our Creative Director, Bryan Russman, who has served as Executive Producer and Creative Director of ProMedia since 2014.

A masterful writer, editor and producer with over 30 years of experience, Bryan leads with a cultivated “mind-wide-open” approach. As Creative Director at ProMedia, he oversees the entire creative process for the agency from script to screen.

Upon obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Colorado Boulder, he began his career at an Austin, Texas Post-Production facility where he spent 12 years editing and producing broadcast television advertising, movies and videos.

In 2001 he founded an independent production company specializing in e-Learning and interactive video products. From 2009-2014 he assumed the position of Creative Director and General Manager of the JB Hermann Advertising Agency. He has been Executive Producer and Creative Director at ProMedia since 2014.

Career achievements include award-winning work in broadcast television, movies, and advertising. He has achieved a high level of artistry and craftsmanship that clients appreciate, viewers love, and that delivers results.

One of his creative inspirations is the exciting innovation of the digital age.

“From the span of my childhood into late adulthood, it has been an age of magic and wonderment come to life. As a teenager, the science fiction that I read pales in comparison to what has transpired such as the internet, computers that you can speak to, computers that can THINK, it’s just an amazing and exciting time of creativity!”

Bryan also possesses an unique talent as a vision holder who can follow a client’s thoughts, needs and wants. He has the ability to identify obstacles, improvise, create solutions and design a work-path that produces tangible marketing results and successfully executes our clients’ message.

“My favorite part of the creative process is the transition point. That realization that the direction and plan you began with has changed and evolved, and reveals another route that will yield an even better outcome” he explains. “It’s like finding that difficult Easter egg, where what you couldn’t see prior to its discovery, unearths an even bigger world, yielding a fuller basket and better end result.”

One of his most endearing qualities to his colleagues at ProMedia is his unassuming nature and positive outlook in work and life.

“I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. I just want to be able to recognize who is.” he explains.

“My truest inspiration comes from the love, companionship and support of my wife of 24 years, our two cats and four chickens, and a host of close friendships and relationships that help me awake each day in awe and motivation to live each day to its fullest potential.”