Direct response television, which is abbreviated as DRTV, are TV commercials that incite viewers to contact the company making the advertisement directly.

A Brief History

Several years back, identifying a DRTV ad was easy as it featured loud sales messaging. This messaging always included a 0800 number and a reminder to "CALL NOW." However, as the years went by, URLs were incorporated into DRTV ads. And they slowly gained prominence to become one of the primary means of responding to these ads.

Today, URLs are vital to DRTV ads, and a debate has ensued on whether to add telephone numbers to these ads or not.

Further, modern direct response television has subtler details and creative executions. As such, everyone can engage with the ads that pop up on their devices as they watch TV. They are also more efficient than ever before. This is because, due to the data revolution in the marketing industry, it is now possible to measure, analyze, and predict responses from DRTV ads in a more efficient way.

In essence, DRTV marketing campaign has become a highly effective advertising campaign that sells products and services. More than that, it can be used to influence people's opinions of a brand.

The following are 4 of the things you should know about DRTV.

DRTV ads are much improved

Apart from the transition from telephone numbers to URLs, DRTV ads have undergone a pronounced upgrade from what they used to be.

To illustrate, DRTV ads comprised fast-talking people who made their pitches on cheesy sets with poor production quality. What's more? Their conversations were unnatural, and their products were of a low quality.

Although there are still many low-grade DRTV ads today, several DRTV agencies now adopt a more elegant and sophisticated approach. As such, the modern DRTV ads are of better quality and an incredibly effective marketing tool.

DRTV is not for startups or niche brands alone

With the low production quality that was characteristic of this marketing method, few big companies were interested in adopting it. However, several renowned Fortune 500 companies have begun to incorporate it into their marketing strategies with the improvement it has experienced.

According to The Wall Street Journal, some of these corporate giants are Sears Roebuck, IBM, and Allstate.

DRTV is measurable and accountable

Since they are measurable and accountable, DRTV ads enable companies to connect with their customers creatively. As such, there is little to no risk of contacting the wrong company for a certain product or service.

Furthermore, it allows for efficient and fast decision making when it comes to vital campaign components like advertising messages, media buys, etc.

Understand DRTV metrics

You should understand two major DRTV metrics: media efficiency ratio (MER) and cost per order (CPO). They are important to DRTV advertising.

MER is the amount you earn as compared with the amount you spend. For instance, for a 5:1 ratio, you earn back five dollars for every dollar you spend.

On the other hand, CPO is the total amount you spend on the advertising method divided by the number of orders you acquired from the marketing endeavor. Doing this will give you your ROI.

Although there are other things you should know about DRTV, the features above are some of the most important. If you need to launch a DRTV marketing campaign of your own, contact ProMedia at 1-866-851-LEAD for a free marketing consultation.

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