Adverting Trends That Can Enhance Your Campaign’s Success

We spend hours pouring through advertising trends to provide us insight on works best for our clients.  Essentially, we always want to make sure we spend our client’s money as if it were our own. One of the ways we do this is through analytics. This helps us to understand how our media is coming in and how creative tv advertising campaigns are performing.

Recently, Alyssa Alabastro, ProMedia’s Director of Agency Analytics,  has seen a new trend in advertising.  She says that when if a client has a strong performing message in the market, adding a well thought celebrity talent to the campaign can lift response by up to 30%. “This is a pretty big number, and it can mean more money in your pocket,” she said.

“We have also seen a few new trends in product based advertisements,” Alabastro says.  “Consistently, when the focus is kept more on the product itself, there is likely to be about a 20% lift in response.”

Ultimately when trying to find the most responsive creative for our clients who are just starting out we follow an iterative approach to dial in the best possible creative for success of the campaign.

So give us a call, so we can work out which type of creative is best for you and your company.  It’s what we do best.