Wine Bottle Labels Scottsdale

Wine bottle labels Scottsdale

What distinguishes iconic wine brands from the easily forgettable ones? We can bet the first thing that comes to mind is the rich taste. However, this is not always the case. Because there are many great tasting wines out there, tiny details such as the shape of the bottle and how unique the label is often matter more. If you're serving and packaging home-brewed wine for any event, you should also pay attention to these details. Markit Media LLC specializes in designing and printing wine bottle labels in Scottsdale, and we can give you a few tips on what makes a great wine bottle label.

What are some traits of great wine bottle labels in Scottsdale?

Minimalist design

Wine bottles are typically small and they do not give designers and printers much room to work with. If you try to cram too much information on the small bottle, your label certainly won't come out nice. Your best bet is opting for a minimalist design that features only the absolutely essential information.

Our experience has taught us that labels with the least surface area create the best impression. Thus, your minimalist approach to wine bottle labels in Scottsdale should not just focus on reducing the text on the label but also the size. The trick is to let the bottle do the talking while the label entices onlookers.

Bold and unique

It doesn't take an avid drinker to recognize the greatest wine brands from a distance. One of the first things you'll remember about them is the boldness of the label. If you're making custom wine bottle labels in Scottsdale, you should look to emulate this trait.

When you have a bold and unique label, your product stands out on the wine shelf. Prospective consumers are more likely to point to your wine brand even if they do not know how it tastes. If your label is generic or uninspiring, they'll be less willing to take the risk.

Vibrant colors

Custom wine bottle labels in Scottsdale should feature vibrant colors with sharp contrast. Although this is not a hard a fast rule, vibrant colors can help you achieve immediate brand recognition in a way that subtle or neutral colors wouldn't.

For example, the bright blue design of the Francis Coppola bottle and label makes the brand easily recognizable on the wine shelf. The same can be said of many other iconic wine brands out there. If you want to turn heads with your wine bottle label, you must be daring enough to use the boldest colors.

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Do you need unique wine bottle labels in Scottsdale? Markit Media LLC is the company you should get in touch with. We are a full-service marketing and branding company that has been serving the Scottsdale area for many years. Among other services, we specialize in designing and printing custom wine bottle labels that create a lasting impression on customers' minds. Contact us today, and you'll be glad you did.



Wine Bottle Labels Scottsdale
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