We will get you down to the numbers as we monitor the results of your campaigns. The reports include granular and customizable response attribution to better assist ROI.

  • Access to a real-time 24/7 monitoring platform.
  • Project future reads of performance and ROI.
  • Completely customize the reporting to your needs.

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Syndicate My Podcast

Syndicate My Podcast

Podcast syndication is how a podcast show manages to take new podcast episodes to different destinations. Many people with podcasts have asked themselves, how do I syndicate my podcast to reach the maximum possible number of listeners? There are several ways you can do that but first, let’s take a look at the advantages of syndicating your podcast. 

What Are the Benefits Of Syndicating Your Podcast?

The benefits include:

  • Your message will be able to reach as many people as you would like.
  • Your brand will be well recognized by your audience.
  • You will have the freedom to talk about a whole range of topics that interest you.
  • You’ll be able to improve how you communicate with your listeners significantly.

Where Should You Host Your Podcast?

To be able to syndicate your podcast, you will need to have a reliable host. The host should offer you maximum benefits while hosting you. If you want to make your brand recognized, or you want to distribute across our vast networks, reach out to Helium Radio Network.

Should A Podcast Syndicate Have A Budget?

Plan yourself well to be able to syndicate your podcast to the maximum. To do so, you ought to have a reasonable budget that will help you reach your audience. Just like any other venture, to be able to syndicate your podcast, you need to have a financial plan.

What Are The Podcast Syndicate Platforms To Promote?

The best platform to promote is your podcast syndicate app brand that has your name. Granted though, not everyone has their app.

How Are Podcasts Syndicated?

The listings are usually placed in podcast directories through a programming language known as Real Simple Syndication (RSS). An authoritative and robust distributor of podcasts is Helium Radio Network.

Basically, if you don’t have a Real Simple Syndication feed, then you don’t have a podcast. RSS is written in a language that makes documents easily readable by machines. A Real Simple Syndication has information just like a library card and includes information such as the website, title, author, description, among others. It also allows users to subscribe to podcasts and receive any podcast episodes posted in the future. Without having to do anything else, any new episode is automatically downloaded. 

Where Can I Go to Syndicate My Podcast?

Here at Helium Radio, we have a vast listenership of 4 million, and we are still growing. We also have a well-rounded reach around the world and the best resources for syndicating podcasts.

If you wish to syndicate your podcast and be able to promote your products and services in a cost-effective way, then we are your go-to company. We embrace opportunities to do business and associate with like-minded partners.

With years of experiences and a great team of people, we are always ready to help. We would like to have a chat with you on the best way to help you promote your brand and syndicate your podcast.

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