We will get you down to the numbers as we monitor the results of your campaigns. The reports include granular and customizable response attribution to better assist ROI.

  • Access to a real-time 24/7 monitoring platform.
  • Project future reads of performance and ROI.
  • Completely customize the reporting to your needs.
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printers in China

printers in China

Are you looking for affordable printers in China? Artful Dragon can help you print your materials overseas at a significant cost savings over what you’re paying now or have been quoted.

Have you ever thought about what printing overseas could do for your bottom line? The fact is, you could be enjoying a 30% discount on your next print project, through working with Artful Dragon Press. Not all print brokers are alike- be sure you hire one that is dedicated to representing the interests of the consumer. If your print broker works for the printing agency, you’ll most likely lose out.

The good news is, that you don’t have to be a printing expert to work with Artful Dragon Press. They’ll handle all of the details for you along the way, from choosing the right print company for your particular project to managing customs and delivery, right to your door. Their experts are excited to show you how you can save money by using the services of printers in China.

If you wonder if the Asian production quality is up to your standards, the short answer is, yes. Artful Dragon only works with hand selected printing companies they have developed relationships with over the years. Their associates have invested heavily in the latest equipment and technology and are able to offer as good or better quality than what you are currently receiving. Their quality control standards are as rigorous as those of the top US printers. To ensure quality, be sure to work with Artful Dragon on your project.

You’ll find that production time frames are highly competitive when you work with Artful Dragon Press. Most printers in China have access to a large labor force that is able to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Normal production time for your order is 5-10 days after receiving your approval of the proofs, but will also depend on the size and complexity of the individual job.

Allow an average of 14-21 days for shipping by sea to US West Coast ports. Inland transport usually adds another 5-7 days. If you need your order faster, it’s not a problem. Artful Dragon can ship a partial by air for the cost of the airfreight.

Customers appreciate the ability to order 10 - 15 thousands pieces at exceptional prices, for single color products. If you’re looking for a full color product, you can order quantities as low as 2.500 pieces. This also depends on page count, binding style, and the overall complexity of the project. You’ll find Artful Dragon to be very accommodating on the types of files that you can submit. Their pre-press capability is state of the art, and they can accept standard media as zip, jaz, cd, dvd, or upload to a factory server, and graphics as QuarkPress, PageMaker, Photoshop, and PDF.  For all others, just ask.

Contact a print pro from Artful Dragon press by calling 800-630-1117 if you have any questions about their printers in China, their services or your project. You can also go online to to learn more.

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